We are committed to ethical marketing practices that are honest, true, transparent and respectful of our customers. We adhere to the following marketing policy:

1. Truthful advertising: We avoid false or misleading claims in our advertising. Our product descriptions and marketing materials should be accurate and truthful, with available evidence to support our claims. We ensure all of our marketing communications are compliant with the CAP code. 

2. Providing accurate information: We provide our customers with all necessary information about our products, including a full breakdown of ingredients and their function.

3. Respectful communication: We endeavour to always communicate with our customers respectfully, compassionately and professionally. We will not use aggressive or manipulative language to pressure customers into making a purchase.

4. Review transparency: To ensure that customer reviews on our website are genuine, the ability to leave a review is only available to customers with a verified order. A review invitation is sent four weeks after the order date. We do not hide from negative reviews and will always endeavour to help our customers find a resolution. On the rare occasion when we deem a review offensive, unjustified or harmful to our directors or employees, we reserve the right to remove the review.

5. Influencer and social media marketing: We believe our paying customers are our most reliable, unbiased and trustworthy ambassadors. We have a strict policy not to pay for any form of social media influencer marketing or user-generated content, or to provide free products. Any content on social media that includes our products or brand is posted voluntarily by the originator.

6. Protecting customer privacy: We always respect our customers' privacy and commit to permission-based email marketing. We maintain a robust privacy policy and observe privacy laws in our customers' countries. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office and publish data controller information on our website. Customers can opt out of non-transactional emails at any time.