Unveil Cleansing Oil

Refills - An Update

We remain committed to helping you make purchasing decisions that are better for your skin and kinder to the planet. 

Since the end of 2019, we've offered returning customers the option to reuse dispensers by ordering products with aluminium caps.

The reality is that the majority of our customers prefer to order a new pipette with every bottle of serum or oil. In turn, we've constantly been faced with stock planning and fulfilment issues for the refill option.

This is not sustainable or manageable for a business of our size, so we've decided to discontinue the option to purchase our bottles of serums and oils with aluminium caps. Those products can now only be purchased with a pipette.

We will continue to offer aluminium caps for our cleanser and moisturisers as that option remains in demand.

We truly apologise to those of you that will be disappointed by this change. Unfortunately, you were among the few, not the many. All we can do is listen and react to the shopping habits of our regular customers whilst trying to balance our business operations. We hope you understand that these choices are outside of our control.

Team Krī x