Nourish Organic Body Oil

100ml glass bottle

Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare


A dry, featherweight daily use body oil with a blend of safflower, pumpkin, camellia and almond oils. Infused with a zesty and uplifting blend of bergamot (furanocoumarin-free) and sweet orange essential oils.

Quickly absorbs without any oily residue. Leaves skin feeling soft and supple.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil - high in zinc content, pumpkin seed oil helps firm, tighten and improve skin tone.

    Camellia Oil - packed full of the same antioxidant compounds as tea, camellia oil has a lovely texture without leaving behind any greasiness.

    Thistle Oil - lightweight and high in linoleic acid, thistle oil helps to balance any ‘greasy’ feeling that heavier oils can leave behind.


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Customer Reviews

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Smells lovely, easily absorbed

Given some as a gift and reordered almost straight away- any really good body moisturiser seems to lead me to breakout but not this one

Treat for my Sister

Bought this for my sister to see if it will help with her excema... fingers crossed! She loves the smell as do I, when I first thought about trying this oil I was concerned about how far 100ml would go but believe me when I say it goes a very long way even with me slathering it on daily or sometimes twice daily xxx

Krī body oil

Refreshing scent and easily absorbed. Non greasy. Will definitely buy this again! Love it!

Beautiful scent

This was my first purchase with Krì & definitely won't be my last. The body oil has such a beautiful citrus scent & is so easily absorbed making my skin feel properly pampered 😊

Best body oil by far

This oil worked miracles with my skin, so easily absorbed, no greasy feel at all and helped soothe my dry and itchy skin a lot. The smell is divine! I have now ordered the full size bottle and I carry the small trial size bottle with me when I am travelling around to reapply as needed. Excellent product!