Kri Skincare Product Reviews

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Love it

I was also on the testing panel for this sunscreen. This is a product that I've been waiting for and pestering Kri for, for some time.

The reason I wanted Kri to make it is because I wholeheartedly trust them and the ingredients that they use. These days I have very little trust in compainies.

The sunscreen is lovely. It goes on quite thick and white at first and in a few mins it's totally absorbed in and there's no whiteness. It feels weightless and light and has never made me feel greasy like most sunscreens do.

I have Hyperpigmentation on only my face and so have tried plenty of suncreams. This is the best by far and what's better is that it has no nasties.

Thank you Kri

Life changing skincare

I have tried almost everything on the market for my sensitive recative skin that would help to balance it. I emailed the lovely guys at kri and they advised me in products and ro make it even better they do all their products in travel.size so you can sample it before investing in the full.size. the packaging is lovely very high end and the transformation in my skin is unbelievable it has given me some confidence I have never had and allowed me to get my skinninnthe best condition of my life. I would definitely recommend trying this brand

Great product!

Overall great product. No complaints. I got this to use daily as a milder form of retinol to use as it’s getting sunnier. It keeps and makes my skin overall clear. I’ve got quite oily skin and it makes my skin kinda oily, but I just use it in the evening. It’s not as oily as other bakuchiol products with squalane so will repurchase this.

Lightweight & Robust

I'm so happy to have found this lovely moisturiser. My skin was very dry and this product, coupled with some of the others, has made my skin feel fresh again. It's light enough to wear daily and robust enough to offer the moisturisation I need. I only need one pump of this product as I use the Bakuchiol Oil first so it's lasted me over 2 months which makes it great value.


Purchased this eye cream after talking to gals and boys at Krī, having bought serum and moisturising cream as minis first..and just as all the other products i got from this brand, it has not disappointed.
Using morning and evening and dark circles gone, puffiness vastly reduced and no irritation to my super sensitive eyes! Magic in the bottle. Pump makes it easy to only use wee bit as with all this stuff little goes a long way, and glass bottle is easy to recycle too😊 since discovering Krī i have not used (apart from my weekly honey mask) any other products and my skin is just getting better and better. Officially in love😊👍

Really lovely product

I love this moisturiser. It absorbs super quickly and is really light but still leaves my skin moisturised. I use this on top of the moisture serum and they are the perfect combo for my skin.

Amazing serum

Absorbs super quickly into the skin and smells lovely. Has really helped keep my skin soft and moisturised.

Amazing cleanser

I was reluctant to try this as I generally don't use a cleanser, but tried it when it was free on offer and I am definitely a convert! It even removes mascara and leaves my skin so soft. Really gorgeous cleanser and will be rebuying.

Really lovely product

I've been using this for a couple of months now and I really love it. For my skin it's quite heavy so I use it every night as a night serum and my complexion is definitely more even and skin feels really soft.

Perfect oil cleanser

I love this. I’ve been completely converted to oil cleansers recently that this is by far the best I’ve tried. I use it directly to remove my make up as my first cleanse and it leaves my skin clean and soft

Beautiful oil

I love both bakuchiol serums, and everything else! I use this less than the one without vitamin c simply as I layer with another trusty vitamin c. However when that runs out I’m going to stick to this alone. Lightweight and beautiful effective serum

LOVE this!!

I’m so happy that I stumbled on the brand as I love everything I’ve tried so far but this and the Illume serum are my favourite. I’ve been using this for several weeks now and my skin loves it, and is particularly noticeable on my previously rather tired looking 40 year old past sun stressed chest area! Lovely lightweight oil I layer at the end of my routine and it’s just beautiful. No pilling, just gorgeous. I put it on my hands too and my nails are also loving it... I literally can’t fault it. Love the brand, love the products, the simplicity, the few ingredients and they are effective.

Beautiful hydrating glow serum

I adore this product... in fact I love everything I have tried from this brand. I use this in the evening alongside a retinol and it’s completely rescued my skin. It’s also had a brilliant effect on my décolleté which now being in my 40’s and a previous sun lover was looking a bit tired

A brilliantly, hardworking product

This is a really great, lightweight oil that feels like it’s multi-tasking - I layer it on the illume serum and in such a short space of time I have seen brilliant improvements in my skin (and received lovely compliments too) My skin is smoother, more even and less reactive. If I am in a rush, I mix a few drops with the timeless moisturiser and it goes on brilliantly! This is now a must in my routine. Thanks Kri x

Another lovely Kri product

This is the second Kri cleanser I have tried (the first was the Charcoal one, which I loved and also recommend!) I was intrigued to try a full oil cleanser as I have oily skin and it has been recommended to me to do so by a friend. Needless to say it’s yet another Kri product to be impressed with! You only need a small amount, it cleanses really well and feels like it give a good deep evening cleanse and feels very nourishing.

Cleansed not stripped

This is a lovely cleanser (once you get used to the unusual colour). It has a gentle orangey scent, leaves your skin feeling clean without being tight or stripped. My oily/dehydrated skin loved it! Another awesome Kri product :)

Beyond expectations :)

This serum, is lightweight, quick absorbing and made a positive, visible difference within days (and is still continuing to do so about a month later). I have received lovely compliments about my skin and it is feeling calmer, smoother and more even in tone. I definitely feel like I have found my perfect serum - thank you lovely Kri :)

A great formula

Like the other reviewers I was also on the testing panel. The product is a bit thick when it first pumps out but it quickly spread when rubbed it in and I couldn’t feel it on my skin afterwards. I have very fair skin and it left some whiteness for about 10 mins but it disappeared after that. I really like that it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my skin. It also seems to act like a primer because my face looked and felt silkier while it was on. Great formula and I’ve just purchased a bottle.

Fabulous Cleanser

It is so easy to use, just apply 2 to 3 pumps to your skin. Add a little warm water and gently massage. Rinse or wipe off. Voilà it leaves your skin feeling nourished, refreshed and clean. I love it because it is so easy and simple to use.


I've been using this moisturiser for about s year now and I must say that its fabulous. I use it morning and night. It feels light but leaves my skin well moisturised and sinks in quickly. I love that the bottles are glass and that I can get a refill now to reuse the pump. Such a great product!

Great on Asian skin

I was one of the testers for this sun cream and expected it to leave a white cast like most mineral creams, but it doesn't at all and in fact it illuminates my skin. I don't know why I expected any less when the founder is Asian herself! I would say if you have dry skin you will need to use an oil underneath this. I can imagine it being perfect for people with less dry skin as it feels very light and feels invisible once it's on. Overall 5 stars. Another great Kri product!

Really works

I trialled this & was keen to see if the mineral formula worked better than others I've tried which left my face looking white & chalky. Well this is a world apart from those formulas I took some close up photos to ask others opinions too & I'm happy to report this sits on the skin practically invisibilly. Totally recommend giving this a go another fantastic Kri product

My skin feels like silk

You really do only need a couple of pumps. Lovely product.

Beautifully Presented Ethical Skincare

Since using Unveil I've been enjoying my cleansing routine for the first time in months. My mature skin is far less sensitive and doesn't flare after rinsing. It is also more clear and even with minimal redness and feels comfortable even before moisturising. Thank you Kri. Unveil has made such a difference.

The best

I went down the mistake of stripping my skin with double cleansing using a watery cleanser for my second cleanse. After hearing great reviews about this product as a multi tasked, I thought I’d give it a go to help repair my barrier. It’s so gentle and feels luxurious on my face. I used to dread cleansing because my skin would be stripped, but this just leaves it feeling soft and nourished. I now look forward to cleansing. The best cleanser ever. I won’t use anything else now.