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Organic rose hip oil

I have been using this oil fir two years now! And my skin soft, dewy and radiant!...
I honesty can’t recommend this oil enough I love it!..

Excellent product

Brilliant alternative to retinol products with the benefit of being gentle on the skin but very effective. I have since bought it for many friends who love it too.

Moisturiser with prickly pear oil

Lovely moisturiser, which goes on nicely and isn’t sticky or heavy. It lasts all day.
I’ll buy again.

Beautiful glow

Been using this serum with Bakuchiol for the past few months and my skin is practically glowing!

Excellent for dry tight skin

This product has calmed my rosacea and hydrated my dry tight skin.
You don't need much so it lasts.
So happy to have found somrthing that works for me.

Mature winter damaged skin

I needed something extra for my dry winter damaged skin.
I added this over the revive organic face oil and it absorbes beautifully.
Feels light and silky and my skin is so much better for this I can't tell you.
Highly recommend

Game changer!

I am new to oil cleansing and I can’t believe how lovely my skin feels after using this! It smells great too. Fab for eye makeup removal. Will definitely be buying again!

Heavenly smell!

This perks up my mood every morning with the beautiful orange scent! The product is just lovely to use, making my skin feel cleansed but not dry. It works well mixed with a cream or oil based cleanser too. I love using it with Prelude Cleansing Oil.

Bakuchiol Antioxidant Oil

First time using this oil and I love it. Within just a couple of days of using my skin felt fresh and looked more radiant, like I'd had a goods night sleep (I hadn't!) It is easily absorbed and has very little smell. Will be purchasing again.

Favourite skin oil

Repeat purchase of my favourite skin oil, made even better with the option of oil only no dispenser. Extra reason to continue with this - a double winner.

Love bakuchiol!

This oil is a game changer. I tried retinol last year and had such a terrible experience, so I was skeptical but a little excited to try bakoochiol given all the press around it. It’s soothing and does not irritate my skin or dry it out. It layers beautifully with everything else I use. I have noticed a significant difference to the texture of my skin especially around my eyes. I'm 48. This is my second bottle (been using since October) and it continue to be a firm fixture in my routine.

Lovely cleanser - gentle but effective product

Having struggled with oily sensitive skin all my life at last I have found products that actually work without causing sensitivity. Combined use with your other combination skin products, this is the best my skin has been in years! The trial size bottles are also great for travelling.

Great pre bed treatment

I love this oil. I ordered a tester and now have run out and need another. It allows me to put a product on my face and not break out from it. Gives a good feel and I quite like the smell.

Amazing cleaner

A great cleaner that doesn’t dry out my skin and yet cleans it thoroughly. My new favourite face cleaner.


I used this product as per instructions. Dissapointed that I was unable to feel any kind of lather,gel,oil or lubricant when rubbing onto my face. Gave me a need to use more than 1 or 2 pumps. I had no idea where I had applied it already or not .So had to judge from memory,no feel in application meant no control. It was not suitable to use as a shaving lather,but I was told prior that it was. Pump only top with no cap was a put off for me. Then to know that I could ask for a cap on repeat order.,sorry but I won't be repeating,there is many products I can buy similar with caps,pumps and better effects upon skin when using. The positive point is that it works,it does clean the skin,you do feel refreshed afterwards but still have no idea if it is all rinsed off because you never felt it going on. You have to pump more than needed if you want to feel it. Glass bottle is nice. You tell us minimum use of labels,so charging the same price and going rate for similiar items but saving on bottle tops is not a good idea for the customer. To me you need to review the spread necessity of your product. Provide a cap with the pump because in the current market your product is falling behind the rest. I've already bought and tried 3 products I rate above this at same cost price. A bit more work and thought needs to be applied with this,it falls short and in my eyes is not the finished product.

Dear Stuart - we're sorry that you were disappointed. However, this product is not intended to lather, feel oily or be used for shaving - it is a gentle emulsifying cleanser with a thick glycerin base that spreads well when used on both dry and wet skin. The pump does not require a separate cap because it has a twist-lock action. We choose bottles and dispensers that help to reduce unnecessary packaging - this is core to our ethos at Krī and one of the reasons our customers continue to remain loyal to our products. We wish you well.
The best!

Been using this for over a year now. Could not be without it! My skin no longer feels dried out and tight after cleansing. It’s a must before using Rose hip oil. Would highly recommend for sensitive mature skin.

The best!

Been using this for over a year nw. Love it! Skin feels soft and soothed. What is not to like!

Not radiant

Unfortunately this product, used in conjunction with the Timeless daily moisturiser, left my skin very dry and flaky with nasty spots. Very disappointed.

Dear Wendy - we're sorry our products were not suitable for your skin.

This is what I have been looking for. This oil is just perfect for me. I use it morning and evening. It soaks in beautifully with no residue left on the face. I have always been particular about using products around my eye area and this is just fantastic, I dab round under eye, forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. I can feel the difference in my skin using this since start of October 2019. The fine lines have reduced and as a whole my face looks and feels great. Another MUST to have.

Beautiful feeling

I first bought timeless after being gifted cleaner for Christmas last year. There is no after feeling of sticky or oilyness. The skin soaks this beautiful moisturiser in. My skin feels so good and I have recommended to others including my 83 year old mother. She is now using a serum and timeless as part of her daily routine. It is light on the skin and my face feels and looks brighter, I have even noticed my face does not appear damp later in the day. A MUST purchase for everyone.

Skin saviour

Love this stuff, mix a couple of drops with endless moisturizer and have soft skin, no greasy residue. Have noticed have not had any break outs since I changed to Kri skincare 😀

Use sparingly

I usually use the Rosehip Oil with which I am a big fan but thought I would try this for a change. Unfortunately I think it is too rich for my skin (perhaps the carrier oil rather than the active ingredient?) as even only a very small amount gives me spots which I haven't had for years! I'm therefore back to my Rosehip Oil and just keeping this one for one or two drops around my eyes and lips. Too early to tell if it makes any difference to the fine lines there.

Highly recomend

Finally an affordable eye cream that works. Recommend.

Great product

Leaves skin feeling soft and glowing without being too oily

Lovely product!

I recently started using this lovely facial oil instead of my usual premium brand night cream and it is just as good (if not better), for half the price! Leaves my mature, dehydrated skin feeling soft. Love it!