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Loved it so much I took it on holiday

Moisturising but not too rich. Perfect for my combination skin

The best!

I love it! Firming and hydrating - best eye cream I have used.

Happier skin

Bakuchiol oil is a light that is very quickly absorbed by my skin. I use it after my Kri serum and before my Timeless lotion. My skin has never felt better because of the Kri products.

The test of time

I have been using timeless for about a year now and I love it. I use it as part of a layered effect. I start with a serum and then an oil followed by timeless. The over all effect is fabulous. My skin is so much happier these days, since I found Kri products.

Wonderful eyecream.

Simply the best! I love this non greasy eye cream. It is absorbed quickly around my eyes and a small amount goes a long way. It is perfect to use around your lips.

New favourite

Been using this for a month now and absolutely love it.Glides onto skin is quickly absorbed and is I think one of the best skin oils I have tried.My skin certainly looks fresh and smooth, fine lines are a little finer


I’ve tried (and loved) several face oils, all excellent. Krī Prickly Pear is without doubt the best, Deliciously smooth and warming, it seeps into my skin leaving no oily residue and you wake up feeling fabulous.

Leaves skin so soft

Lovely moisturer absorbs well. I add a couple of drops of the Bakui oil when applying this and skin feels amazingly hydrated


Have only just started using it, I love the smell and it's very soothing.

Finally a product that I trust

Love this oil . Started using Kri products after seeing them on FB and struggling with 50+ year old skin.
This oil is perfect - non greasy, thick, comforting like a warm hug. Am away at moment and am using it on my hair and as after sun 🌞
Think returning customers receiving a screw top bottle and re using pipette is a great idea !
Would you consider doing larger bottles so that my middle aged body can benefit from the benefits full time ? Xxxx

The Fab Three

Illume serum, Timeless moisturiser and Bakuchiol face oil. What a Fabulous trio. I use this layered method every morning and before bed.. My skin feels nourished and cared for.

A lovely, easily absorbed oil. Reduces the appearance of the fine lines around the eyes.

Ilume Moisture Serum

Im very impressed with this serum, it works as an extra layer for my dry skin which I use underneath a facial oil. It has given me a noticeably brighter, smoother complexion (people have commented!). The only thing I have noticed was an unexpected breakout on my nose (which I don't usually get) so I have stopped using every day and use about 3/4 times a week. This seems to have done the trick. The benefits outweigh the negatives most certainly!

A new fave

Been using this moisturiser for a couple of weeks now and it's a new fave. Soaks in my skin easily and isnt thick and greasy. I've been prone to dry patchy skin in the past but so far not with this moisturiser. It leaves a great base for my makeup.

Great serum

Been using this for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels lovely. Used alongside the timeless moisuriser it leave my skin feeling soft and non greasy. A great base for my makeup.


From the first time I used this oil, I noticed how quickly it was absorbed into my skin. I use it over the top of my illume serum and still it is absorbed quickly. I use it morning and evening as part of my daily routine. This one is a keeper.

Love this so much

I was sent a sample a couple of months ago and I’ve religiously used it every day since. I’m 58 and can see noticeable changes on my face. The most prominent area is around my 11s. The lines have reduced a lot and all my friends have been asking what I did. I put mine on top of my Illume serum and it soaks in quickly. Now that I’ve seen what it can do in just two months, I won’t stop using it. Just purchased.


Fantastic product, I agree with all positive reviewers below.
Feedback wise, it’s hard to empty the bottle and a bigger sized bottle would reduce waste. Also could we buy refills without the pump as they don’t need replacing each time? Again, a great product

Hi Vanessa - thanks for your feedback. We're thrilled you're enjoying Purify. The good news is that we've already doubled the size of our cleansers and we recently introduced a scheme for repeat customers to order without a pump. We'll send you the details in case you missed the original email.

I have been using Timeless for about a year now. I still love it as much as the first time I tried it. I am just about to purchase another one.

Revive Face Oil

This wonderful oil just makes my skin feel nurtured. I use it as a night oil and find its earthly tones relaxing. Use every day and pamper yourself.

Charcoal cleanser

I really love this product. I've got oily, breakout prone skin and since using this with prelude oil my skin seems much clearer. It smells lovely and although looks messy to use, easily washes away and doesn't stain. My only criticism was that the bottle was too small and I got through it too quickly, but having written to Guiltless they tell me that bigger bottles are on the way as well as a choice of pump or cap, so even less plastic wastage. Bravo!

Prelude oil

Have been using this pre cleanse for a month now and love it. I was a bit dubious about replacing my usual eye make up remover because I use waterproof mascara but this easily shifted it so I've ditched my old brand. A little goes a long way so I also think this is great value for money.

No more panda eyes

Tried this as a sample size. A small amount goes a long way, use it around my top lip too. No greasy residue and keeps eye area soft and line free all day

Brilliant serum

Tried sample size which lasted ages. You only need a small amount, skin feels peachy soft, no oily residue and less moisturiser needed on top

Great for sensitive skin

I ave incredibly sensitive skin, particularly around the eye area.
This eye cream works perfectly, it doesn't irritate my delicate skin (as many other eye products have done).
Nicely moisturising without being heavy or greasy.

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