Krī under the surface – Krī Skincare

Krī under the surface

Krī (pronounced kree) is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to make, to do, to prepare’. At the very heart of it, that's what we do: we are makers of skincare. 

Born out of a desire to be more conscious of what we put on our skin without compromising on performance or integrity, our products are minimalist, biodegradable and vegan. Read more about our ingredient ethics.

We try to minimise our impact as much as possible by using glass containers and reducing unnecessary outer packaging. 

Naturally bioactive. Grounded in science.

We're passionate about the quality, purity and efficacy of ingredients used in our products. By combining science with nature, we create high-performance products that deliver on their promise.

Skincare that’s personal.

Our products are formulated and manufactured in the UK, by us. We don’t outsource any aspect of our production process and we consciously maintain a small circle of trusted suppliers so that we never have to compromise on our ethics and product effectiveness.

You won’t find us on the high street amongst mass-packaged brands. Instead, we provide a direct, effortless and dependable experience that works for you and your skin.

Making and delivering skincare this way isn’t cheap. That’s why we place our emphasis on our formulations and customer service while keeping our packaging minimal. 

100% results-based.

How do you know our products are effective? Real reviews from real people just like you.

Welcome to Krī.