Founder's Story

"The remarkable change in my skin's condition had people asking about my ‘secret sauce’."

A sudden onset of acne in my thirties shattered my confidence. On the advice of my dermatologist, oil was off limits and retinoids were in. But I saw no change. The products I was using just exacerbated the problem and made my skin uncomfortable. It was an endless cycle.

After years of frustration and concluding that I'd just have to live with this problem, making ethical and sustainable lifestyle choices became ever more important to me. I was concerned about the environmental impact of all the packaging and ingredients in my skincare, so I started researching ingredients and their pros and cons. I was so conflicted. The very ingredients I’d been told to avoid seemed to be exactly what my skin craved.

But the products on the market that aligned with my ethical values were overpriced and full of irritating essential oils. I expect skincare to deliver real and visible benefits, not just look and smell nice.

And so, I used my research to develop products that are gentler on the environment and deliver visible benefits to the skin. The acne went away. Flaky, itchy skin became a thing of the past, and for the first time in years, I was able to leave home without a full face of makeup. 

The remarkable change in my skin's condition had people asking about my ‘secret sauce’. I realised I could help others with an expanded range of products using high-performance ingredients without questionable marketing claims. 

Today, the entire Krī range is focused on delivering benefits to mature skin, and it’s formulated with troubled skin in mind.

Thank you for reading my journey.