Timeless Moisturiser

50ml | Glass container

Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

This ultra-lightweight, fast-absorbing fluid moisturiser delivers a powerhouse of active ingredients to keep skin hydrated, nourished and protected from daily environmental stressors.

Leaves a matte finish. Ideal for oily, combination and blemish prone skin. 

  • Organic prickly pear seed oil: with large amounts of polyphenols and phytosterols, helps to retain moisture, provides skin protection and stimulates healthy cell production. It is very soothing and calms redness.

    Kalahari watermelon seed oil: wonderfully lightweight, quick-absorbing and rich in antioxidants, it balances, softens and smooths skin.

    Niacinamide: strengthens the skin’s barrier and helps protect from UV and urban pollution.

    Hyaluronic acid: locks in hydration and delivers immediate skin revival.


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Customer Reviews

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Lightweight & Robust

I'm so happy to have found this lovely moisturiser. My skin was very dry and this product, coupled with some of the others, has made my skin feel fresh again. It's light enough to wear daily and robust enough to offer the moisturisation I need. I only need one pump of this product as I use the Bakuchiol Oil first so it's lasted me over 2 months which makes it great value.

Really lovely product

I love this moisturiser. It absorbs super quickly and is really light but still leaves my skin moisturised. I use this on top of the moisture serum and they are the perfect combo for my skin.


I've been using this moisturiser for about s year now and I must say that its fabulous. I use it morning and night. It feels light but leaves my skin well moisturised and sinks in quickly. I love that the bottles are glass and that I can get a refill now to reuse the pump. Such a great product!

The end of a lifetime's search!

I have good skin, well had good skin..and apart from a slick of Nivea in my youth was a soap and water girl! I know! Hit my 50's and things changed... I spent a fortune...yes a fortune and loads of time sitting feeling intimidated in department stores being splodged with something expensive that I felt obliged to buy and NONE of it worked! I didn't know what to do. So, after seeing Kri on Facebook I messaged their team and they not only replied but gave me advice and I took the plunge..animal cruelty free, Vegan, refills, good ethics, natural products, information, wonderful reviews, helpful and friendly customer service.... and wow.... I've got my good skin back, and maybe even better... I can't recommend these products highly enough, and I only purchase refills twice a year they are so good and I use them everyday. I use Hydrate serum, Timeless Moisturiser and Bakuchiol oil and recently Bakuchiol with Vit C. I'm going to try the Eye cream next! There is points system and and Insiders clubs, all the points help out! I don't do Luxury products.....but this is probably the most I spend on anything 'cosmetic' and definitely the most worthwhile! Congratulations Kri and thank you!


Timeless by name and timeless by nature. I have been using this product for a couple of years now. I have not need to change from using it. It works beautifully with my skin and is part of my daily routine.

I should have used this sooner.

I don't know why I didn't add this to my daily Kri routine sooner. Team with serum before hand and oil afterwards and you won't be dispointed. You also won't feel layered in product. Everything is so light and lovely. Even the oil doesnt leave you fresy once its absorbed.

Lovely light moisturiser

I bought this along with the illuem serum after a recommendation from a friend. The packaging is great, very simple and stylish, and glass so easily recyclable. I use this daily, you really do only need one pump to cover your whole face. It sinks in quickly, leaving no residue but lovely sift skin. Initially my skin did break out a little so I reduced the amount of serum that I was using and now 4 weeks in my skin is genuinely looking great. I have had a cluster of spots/blemishes on one temple for months and these are finally improving. I will absolutely be buying another bottle once this one is empty, although I think it may take a while. I am now also keen to test some other products too.


I really love this moisturiser. As a 64 year old with combination skin, I have at long last found a fabulous product which leaves my skin feeling nourished and hydrated but not at all greasy. I mix in 2 drops of Bakuchiol as well. And as with all my other Kri purchases, I have to complement you on the packaging. Well done Kri!


I’ve been using this moisturiser for a couple of weeks and it’s amazing, skin feels great. It’s my new favourite cream!

Can focus on job - thank you ❤️

Just started using Timeless and Hydrate - my skin is changing all the time, I'm 54 this year and hormone levels are changng 🤷‍♀️
I work in a very warm/ dry environment which has been playing havoc with my skin but these 2 products are my new heros!
The serum is so luxurious and soft, my skin feels wrapped in velvet and with a slick of the moisturiser on top my skin can smash through a 12 hour shift without drying out / being irritated and I can concentrate on my Residents
Thank you again all @Kri 🥰👏💯😘