SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen

50ml | Glass container

Vegan and Cruelty Free Skincare

New to Krī! Our first broad spectrum mineral sunscreen made for year-round protection, come rain or shine.

Protect your skin from the UVA rays responsible for premature ageing and UVB rays that cause burning and sun damage.

With no stickiness or greasiness, this high protection, non-clogging SPF30 sunscreen forms an instant protective barrier on your skin without irritation.

High protection mineral sunscreen

Made with reef-safe, non-nano zinc oxide (22%). The UVA-PF is 20.3 and critical wavelength is 373 nm.

Zero essential oils or fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Tested by our customers:

  • 95% said product does not feel sticky
  • 95% said skin does not look oily
  • 88% said it does not dry out skin
  • 87% said it feels comfortable on skin

    from a survey of 50 users

    • Sunscreen should be the final step in your skincare routine after moisturiser and/or face oil. For adequate protection, apply a liberal amount (about half a teaspoon) to the face, neck and ears. Massage evenly until fully absorbed. Reapply during the day for continued sun protection.

      Works well used daily with Vitamin C + Bakuchiol for superior antioxidant protection.

      At the end of the day, use Unveil Oil-To-Milk Cleanser to remove all traces of sunscreen from your skin.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews

    I have tried many (untinted) natural mineral sunscreens. Whilst not perfect for my skin, this is probably the best one I have come across so far. Pros include the minimal ingredients, no essential oils, no greasy finish (it has a Matt finish which I typically prefer), higher UVA protection than most SPF 30 mineral sunscreens I have tried so far, doesn’t leave a white cast, very gentle on the skin including around the eye area, and has not caused my skin to breakout. The downside for me however has been that whilst it doesn’t leave an obvious white cast, my skin does definitely look a few shades lighter (I have Indian skin), which I am not too keen on. In addition as I have combination skin, I am finding that I am experiencing some flakiness on drier areas of my skin. I am therefore continuing to use this on the days when I am mostly at home, and to use around my eyes.

    Catherine R.
    Love it - but slightly drying

    I love the ingredients in this, that it’s been designed to avoid the dreaded white cast and shine from usual physical sunscreens. However maybe because it is designed to be matte, I do find it pretty drying. I would typically use vitamin C serum followed by SPF on a morning but now I find even with a thick layer of moisturiser after the vitamin c and before the sunscreen, I can still be left quite dry, although it’s usually sufficient enough. Still the best physical, non toxic sunscreen I’ve came across and would definitely recommend!

    Jayne B.

    Simple ...lovely...easy to use. Effective.
    Highly recommend ♡

    Probably the suncream which ticks most boxes

    I spent a long time looking for suncream which contained no fragrance, no alcohol denat, no chemical filters and also had minimal ingredients. I have to say that this covers all of those things. I did notice it contains cetearyl alcohol which I hope doesn't end up becoming clogging and am not sure if this product is officialy labelled non-comodogenic...if anyone could clarify this that would be great. Will also add that the cream is pleasant to apply. One thing is that I have brown skin (Indian) and there is a slight white cast which in some lights makes me look a bit chalky. But because this formula is very compatible with my other requirements it isn't too much of an issue. Another last wish is that it was a better price for the quantity. I'm trying to wear suncream daily and I just feel like I'll have to go through many pots of this a year. But all in all I appreciate the effort made to make a product without fragrance.

    Neshy K.
    Kri SPF30 - Mixed results

    I like the texture of this sunscreen - it's smooth, evenly distributes on my skin and leaves a matte finish. However, I find that it does leave a bit of a white caste on my medium dark skin (MAC shades NC40-42), especially where I have some hyperpigmentation, so I only wear it when working from home. It doesn't sting under my eyes, which is great. I find it a bit drying, which is fine for the oily areas on my combination skin, but not so great for the dryer areas which also have more hyperpigmentation. I love that there's minimal ingredients in it, but I hope they do a tinted version with a few different shades.

    Really lovely under make up

    I tried the tester of this and I was really impressed so I bought the full size. I wanted a mineral sunscreen that left no whitecast on my mixed race (SE asian-british) skin. This is a lovely thick consistency that is easy to massage into the skin, at first it seems like its way too much but once you rub it in and leave it for the recommended 10-15mins (all sunscreens should be left to sit before applying makeup) it has sunk in and leaves the skin looking moisturised and feeling lovely. I find it even has a brightening effect under my eyes and provides an amazing base under make up. I have normal skin that doesn't react easily but its so gentle and this brand formulates their products so thoughtfully I wouldn't be worried about reactions but what is great is you can try the tester before commiting to the full size. I tend to use this over my Kri Backuchiol oil in the mornings and it works really well together. Well done!

    Sabrina W.
    Matte Finish...lovely feel...

    When I say oily and shine and adding a sunscreen which contains alcohol to dry out and hurt the skin barrier, I wasn't doing myself any favours. I searched high and low for a sunscreen that was physical, no alcohol, for acne blemish prone skin (I nearly found one...but the beeswax just seem to sit on my face and the oil went into overdrive). This sunscreen is lovely as the final step and absorbs well and I don't have the oily shine, I actually want to top up! The glass jars look so smart as well. A great formulation!

    Jayne B.
    Sunscreen...simply bliss!

    I'm blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this sunscreen. I adore how comfortably it sits on my sensitive skin.
    I've been looking for sunscreen like this... forever! I don't wear makeup and am photo sensitive due to health condition so sunscreen has to work. This pot of sunscreen protects, feels great on my skin, looks natural. It simply does everything it should without added unnecessary fuss! It's perfect...thankyou 💫

    Love you Sunscreen

    I have tried lots of different face sunscreens. Too many cause more problems than they solve, from greasy sticky skin, bring out spots and not looking right on my skin. I am able to use this sunscreen everyday as part of my morning routine. Then I reapply later as I need too. I am happy to recommend this sunscreen.

    Katya M.
    Silky smooth finish

    This is my first time using a mineral sunscreen, I was initially supprised at how thick it was. When applying I found myself patting the product in, and was worried it would feel heavy. However once applied it left a lovely slight shine which then sinks into the skin and feels matt, light and silky. I don't wear make up but I feel like I have a very very light powder on my skin which I have been enjoying not feeling sticky at all. Best of all I dont have to ruin my Kri routine with a sun screen that leaves me greasy and heavy so I've been enjoying all of my Kri products so much more! Thank you!